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Payday Loan Companies Around You - What Do They Offer

Payday loan companies around me provide small loans, usually up to a maximum of about $1,000, which are repayable in full on the borrowers next payday. In theory, that all seems perfectly reasonable, so why it is that payday loan companies have such bad reputation?
The concept of a payday loan is sound. Many people find themselves with a short-term financial shortfall when they are hit with an unexpected expense and they need a cash advance to see them through to the next payday. However, a payday lender can be the worst way to deal with that issue for a number of reasons.
Payday Lenders are Very Expensive
Unfortunately, people who find themselves with a short-term cash shortfall tend to panic and turn straight to a payday lender for a cash advance loan and they don’t look at the alternatives, such as borrowing from a family member or approaching a direct lender. If they did look at the alternatives, they would see just how expensive borrowing from a payday lender really is.
A typical payday lender or  loan store near me will charge a finance fee of approximately $10 to $30 for every $100 dollars borrowed and the interest rate could be the equivalent APR of anything up to 400%. Although payday lenders do meet a need in the market, many people are so panicked by their financial problem that they pay well over the odds to borrow money for a very short period of time.
Payday Lenders Will Lend to People Who Have a Poor Credit Rating
Payday lenders also make a great play on the fact that they will consider applications from people who do not have a perfect credit rating, but they are not the only lenders who will do that. There are many direct lenders who will grant payday advance loans to people who have a poor credit history and the cost of the loan will be a lot less.
Payday Lenders Pay Cash Fast
Many of the payday lenders can make the cash from a loan available quite quickly, but the same can be said of direct lenders that can be accessed easily online. Direct lenders that can be approached via loan matching websites will often make the cash from a payday advance loan available as fast as the next business day.
Payday Lenders Have a Bad Reputation for a Reason
As well as the high cost, payday lenders also have a reputation for adopting aggressive collection techniques when a loan is repaid later than the due date. They will often apply large late repayment fees, and, if the loan is rolled over, a borrower can find themselves owing many times the amount that they originally borrowed. Of course, if you fail to repay any loan, collection actions may be taken, but payday lenders are renowned for their aggressive and unfair collection practices.
There are alternatives
Anyone seeking a short-term payday advance loan really would be well advised to think hard before they agree to a loan with a payday loan company. Think first what other options may be available and investigate other sources of finance, such as direct lenders. Many people have found themselves trapped in a cycle of escalating borrowing from payday lenders, so take your time when you find you need cash fast and always look for the best deal you can find before you sign any type of loan agreement.

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